Name: Basilosaurus

Description: A huge, sinous, eel-looking creature with a pair of small hind legs. This is almost exactly what the real Basilosaurus looks like.

Henchcreatures: None.

Getting close when: You've been swimming around for a few minutes.

Strategy: This is a very easy battle indeed, especially for this late stage of the game. Much like Naga, you're instructed to "Shoot shoot shoot!"Simply pump Basilosaurus full of rounds. His Sunburst Area is his mouth. He may get in one hit, which is why he's ranked as slightly more difficultthan Naga.

Mythological Background

Name: Basilosaurus

Taken from: None

This is a real creature that lived in the period known as the late Eocene, approximately 30 million years ago. Distantly related to modern day whales, this predatorymammal could grow up to 80 feet long and for a time was probably the largest creature in the world. It retained vestigal hind legs, which its own ancestors had used on land.