Name: Charybdis

Description: A quite large lantern fish.

Henchcreatures: Those weird green/purple things, sea snakes.

Getting close when: You've been in the almost pitch-black for a while.

Strategy: Charybdis, third of the Sea Monsters, is a whole new level of trouble and irritation. Be sure to have some extra quarters because if you
haven't died so far, you almost certainly will here.

The battle with Charybdis has a few distinct parts. In the first, she will swim in front of you, occasionally pausing to open her mouth and release a few green/purple sea snake-things you must blast. It is occasionally, though not always, possible to stop her from doing this by shooting her repeatedly in the lower jaw. This is her Sunburst Area.

After a while, she'll retreat to the back of the cave, and all you can see of her is her lantern. Take aim and fire under the lantern to hit her; you'll know you're succeeding if you see the tiny golden flashes. If you don't hit her enough, she'll lunge from the darkness and bite you. Once you've pegged her a few times, she'll come back towards you. Now it's time for the Sweet Spot challenge.

Like a giant vacuum, Charybdis will attempt to suck you into her mouth. You must hit her lantern to keep her from doing so. This is quite difficult, as you're constantly moving around, and so is the lantern. Just aim in its general direction and hope for the best. Three blasts to the lantern and her death will light up the cave. You're done with Tartarus Deep.

Mythological Background

Name: Charybdis

Taken from: Greek

Charybdis was a wicked daughter of the sea god Poseidon. After eating some of Heracles's cattle, Zeus transformed her into a monster, forced to constantly suck in and spit out huge quantities of water. Living right next to Scylla, she could devour entire boats, which is why
Odysseus was forced to steer closer to Scylla and let her eat six of his men

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