Feeding Frenzy

Feeding Frenzy is an arcade-style aquatic game written by Sprout Games, and published by PopCap Games. With an initial debut in 2004, it saw re-release on the Xbox Live Arcade service, with versions for both the original Xbox and the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 version, released March 15, 2006, was the 17th most popular Xbox Live Arcade title for 2006.

In Feeding Frenzy, players control a hungry marine predator intent on munching as many other fish as possible. During the course of the game's 40 levels, the player takes on the role of different aquatic species (ending with an Orca during the Evil Sea), each trying to move up the food chain. As smaller fish are eaten, the player's own fish grows in size and becomes capable of eating somewhat larger fish. By the end of each level, the fish is sufficiently large that it can eat almost anything on-screen. Players must be vigilant for hazards which include depth charges, larger predators, and jellyfish.
If the player eats a sufficiently large number of fish in a short period of time, a score-enhancing Feeding Frenzy is initiated. If the player continues to rapidly consume other fish, a further Double Frenzy can be achieved. These both end when a short period of time without further rapid consumption elapses.
The full game includes both a normal mode and a "Time Attack" mode.

There are 5 stages, and each stages includes 8 levels with a few bonus levels. Your marine predator changes to a bigger one at the begin of each stages.
(+ i was so kindly, and figured out fictional sea names for each 5 stages ;D )

-Barock Sea

In the first stage you play as the Angel Fish, and... this is the easiest stage of all, your enemies will be some orange fishes (medium large) and some red fishes (large).
There are also lots of tiny Minnows that you have to eat to grow, and get the ability to eat the orange and red fishes.

-Texcoco Sea

In the second stage you play as the Lion Fish, and your enemies will be different this time. The Medium enemies will be the red fishes, and the new enemy is the Angler fish, the small fishes still the minnows. As Lion fish you have an ability of the vacuum, that swallow everything near by. This stage features a brand new enemy, the Puffer fish that can't be eaten while it's spikes are out.

-Depro Deep

In the third stage you play as the Angler Fish in the dark depths. New enemies are the Orca as Sub-Boss, a New red fish, and a white fish (this is actually a white paletted version of the red and orange fish). The stage also contains one level from the Evil Sea. While 7 levels play in the deepest deep of Depro, this one will be much lighter with much more space to survive.

-West Sea

In the forth stage you play as the John Dory in the coldest sea. Many new enemies will appear, like the Blue marlin, Tuna, and a combinated sub-boss Orca & Great White. There are another new small fish, the orange version of the Improved red fish appears in Depro.

-Evil Sea

At last, in the fifth and final stage you play as the Orca against returning enemies the Marlin, Tuna, and a Sub Boss, that isn't a sub boss anymore, the Great White.
The Sea of Evil having the biggest space of each sea, as you could see in the 5th level of Depro Deep, also in the 8th level as the final level in the game, you must fight against the Top Predator, the Megalodon, and it's henchcreatures.

Also, the game has 4 kind of Sub-Bosses, and 1 Top Predator.

-The Barracuda

The Barracuda first appears in Stage 1 as the top predator of the Sea of Barock. A small sign always warn you, before the Barracuda attacks.

-The Great White

The Great White is actually a common enemy, because it can be eaten in the Evil Sea, but it first appears in Bolock Sea for a few seconds. After Stage 1, the great white appears much often, but the game never warn you.

-The Orca

The Orca also known as Killer Whale first appears in Stage 3 as the top predator of the Depro. The game will warn you again, before the orca attacks.

-Orca & Great White

There are several levels in Stage 4 when both sub-bosses the Orca and the Great White attacks. The game still has it's old rule, it will warn you against the Orca, but the shark is still a common enemy, that you can't eat.

-The Megalodon

Megalodon has the place on the top of the food chain, and appears in the 40th level of Feeding Frenzy. Actually it's just a bigger and lighter version of the Great White appears in the most of the stages, but even more dangerous, and appears much often. To eat it, you must grow as fast as you can, because there are still swimming Blue marlins, and Tunas around Megalodon. But after you ate enough, you can eat him. (Actually you only bite him, because he's still appear until the "growth-o-meter" is full. But after you done, you're the Top Predator of the Evil Sea!

Other information

-After defeating any levels, you are awarded by an interesting fact of the living ocean.
-There are several bonus items appears in a bubble(unless the pearls and golden minnow) that you can eat up, like...

Starfish (Starfishes are the most appearing object that gives you bonus points)
Double Score (You get double score after eating anything)
White Pearl (Shells randomly gives you an award, includes the most appearing white pearl, that gives you a boost on the growth-o-meter)
Black Pearl (The black pearl's very rare, but after achieve it, it's gives you large boost on the growth-o-meter)
Bonus Life (Appears as (+1), and gives you an extra life)
Ice Crystal (Freeze every fishes on the screen)
Golden Minnow (The golden minnow is extremely rare, and hard to catch, but after you eat it, it gives you an instant growth)(Can be frozen by Ice Crystal)
Red Piranha (Red Piranha appears after the 2nd Stage, stops everything that move, and you automatically eat up everything smaller than you.)
Lighting (Gives you extra speed)
Mermaid (The mermaid is a special gift that of course you can't eap up ;) but it drops many starfishes around the sea in case if you weren't eaten on the actual level.)

There are few alternate enemies in the game as...

The jellyfish (The jellyfish can't kill you, but if you touch it stuns you for a few seconds. Also works on other bigger enemies, so you can use it as an armor)
The shell (The shell is not only the source of goodies, it also can eat you if you spend too much time near it. So quickly grab the stuff from it's mouth, and get out!)
The greenfish (Greenfishes are poisoned by toxic waste, and if you eat it up, the control of your marine predator will be inverted.
The mine (Mines are often dropped into the water on several levels, and if you hit it, it explodes with you. Also you still can use it to destroy bigger fishes. The mines can be destroyed by the Ice Crystal bonus)