SEA: Luna Sea.

HIDDEN NAME: No hidden name for Luna Sea.

VALID LOCATION: In the real this sea is Arabian Sea, and Luna Sea placed below India.

SEA DESCRIPTION: Salt, Exotic, and blue watered sea near some beach on the surface, and with a great ancient ruin at the bottom. It's a sunny, bit clouded afternoon.The book for Luna Sea. Showing a Shortfin Mako, Leviathan's ruin and some rocks" "Few islands on top of the Luna Sea"
luna book.jpgislands.jpg
stick with.jpg
"Stick with the other hunters!"


Hammerhead Shark: (Sphyrna) The first enemies of stage 2, hanging at the rocky reef of Luna Sea, gray colored, blood thirsty hammerheaded foes.

Shortfin Mako: These sharks also attack you in Luna Sea too, after entering the Ancient Ruins.
mako 1.jpg
"Shortfin Makos in the ancient ruins of Luna Sea."

Stingray: (Dasyatidae) Stingrays can be found at the ancient ruins.

Hydra : Three giant eels.
hydra 1.jpg

GETTING CLOSER: After defeating many hammerhead sharks, and swim past a diver who warns you "Danger Here!!".

DESCRIPTION: Three giant muray eels lunging out of caves, and surround you. STRATEGY: The Hydra will attack you for once. Few times, one of them retire to their cave, then fastly strike out, so don't stop shooting.

SEA MONSTER: LEVIATHAN - 8.000 gamerscore
Leviathan 1.jpg

GETTING CLOSER: After saving a diver from being shark food, and eliminate some stingrays.

DESCRIPTION: A very large Prehistoric Shark with razor sharp teeth, and fearsome appearance.


STRATEGY: Leviathan start slowly circle around, and let you to inflict some damage into him, but suddenly he pen his mouth to you, and attack. He keep repeating this until some other sharks attack you and deflect your attention from the Megalodon. When you pushed the sharks away from you can have a rest. But not for long, because Leviathan strikes out from the ruins, and making a vacuum, and tries to suck you to the razor teeth. You have to shoot his throat, and hit it three times, to capture him.

MYTHOLOGICAL BACKGROUND: Leviathan in demonology is one of the seven princes from hell and its gatekeepers. In the jewish myth its a large sea serpent referred to in the bible.

" Leviathan could be considered the mascot of The Ocean Hunter."