Name: Medusa

Description: A large jellyfish.

Henchcreatures: Lots and lots of smaller jellyfish.

Getting close when: You're blowing your way through all the jellyfish.

Strategy: Time for your duel with Medusa, giant queen of the jellyfish. The main danger here comes not from her, but from her many subjects/progeny.They will swarm the screen, blocking your shots aimed at Medusa and attacking you. Try to clear out a spot around her so that you can get a good shot, but make sure to pick off any jellyfish that are trying to attack you.

After some time, Medusa will start charging you. When she does, blast her in the head, or where her head connects to her tentacles; this is her Sunburst Area, and hitting her here will prevent you from taking damage. Continue this pattern until she's defeated.