SEA: North Sea.

HIDDEN NAME: No hidden name for North Sea neither.

VALID LOCATION: North Sea located between Norway and Great-Britain, but the in-game North Sea is at the left of Norwegian Sea, at the coast of Iceland.

SEA DESCRIPTION: Salt watered, with many ice blocks levitate on the surface, and the temperature falls under -30°. It's daylight, bit cloudy, and very cold.

north book.jpg
"The book of North Sea, showing: Medusa, a Jellyfish, an iceberg and a ship.


Lampreys: The first enemies of this stage, after approaching a dead whale many lamprey will come out to drain your blood stock.
"No! It's trying to get into my body!".

Jellyfishes: After saving the diver attacked by lampres, a large horde of jellyfishes will swim to your way. They don't want to harm you intentionally, they just come in your way, and you must avoid them (don't let your fingers off the trigger!).
"How many jellyfishes can there be?"


Medusa: Jellyfish queen.
GETTING CLOSER: While killing the jellyfishes.

DESCRIPTION: A giant jellyfish, in the jelly mist.

STRATEGY: Time for your duel with Medusa, giant queen of the jellyfish. The
main danger here comes not from her, but from her many subjects/progeny.They will swarm the screen, blocking your shots aimed at Medusa and attackingyou. Try to clear out a spot around her so that you can get a good shot, butmake sure to pick off any jellyfish that are trying to attack you.

SEA MONSTER: KARKINOS - 15.000 gamerscore.


GETTING CLOSER: After defeating Medusa, and swim behind a rock.

DESCRIPTION: A very large japanese spider crab, with great claws.


STRATEGY: First, Karkinos will raise his claws at you several times, so just keep your fingers on the trigger, aim the claws, and you'll be okay. The second attack comes, when Karkinos attempt to climb the rock above you. Then he'll try to hit you with his legs. Three tearget for once, that's a bit difficult to hit, that probably will decrease your lives. But if you make it, Karkinos will grab you, and the weakpoints will be visible now. The two eyes. You must hit his both eye 3 times in a short period of time.

MYTHOLOGICAL BACKGROUND: In Greek mythology, Karkinos was a crab that came to the aid of the Lernaean Hydra as it battled Heracles, bottom left. Karkinos bit Heracles in the foot, but was crushed beneath the hero's heel. For its efforts, however, Hera placed the crab amongst the stars as the constellation Cance.