Name: Rahab

Description: A tall humanoid whose legs have fused into a giant tail, with 'trailers' along his back and very sharp claws. His eyes turn from blue tored, and he even grows a third one.

Getting close when: You defeat Poseidon.

Strategy: This is it! All that stands between you and making the oceans safe again is one last battle with Rahab, who caused this whole mess in the first place. One last battle...and it's a doozy. Rahab is incredibly fast, the quickest enemy in the entire game. Hence, it can be hard to get a good bead on him as he swims about the temple ruins. Also, when he repeats the swiping attack he used in his Dagon form, it is much more difficult to shoot his hands (once again his Sunburst Area) fast enough to stop being hurt. He will occasionally try and bite you, moving very fast.

To stop him from connecting, you have to pop him right in the teeth, but he moves so fast this can be very hard to do. Once his health has dropped, his tongue will lash out and grab you, and his Sweet Spot will reveal itself: his third eye. However, since both you and he are now moving around wildly, it can be absurdly hard to hit his eye before the timer counts down and you take damage. First, you must hit him directly on his closed third eye. His eyelid will slide open, and you must hit him on his eye again, before his tongue squeezes you. You must do this three times in all. But have faith; sooner or later you'll deliver the necessary three shots, and drop Rahab once and for all.