Save The Divers is one frome several other mini games in TOH2.

Your goal is to rescue divers in seas based on TOH1.

If any diver gets killed you lose the stage.

Stage 1-Baroque Sea

Difficulty: 1 Star

Divers: 12

Stage 2-Luna Sea

Difficulty: 2 Stars

Divers: 9

Stage 3-Tartarus Deep

Difficulty: 3 Stars

Divers: 18

Stage 4-Texcoco Great-Lake

Difficulty:4 Stars

Divers: 14

Stage 5-North Sea

Difficulty: 4 Stars

Divers: 10

Stage 6-West Ocean

Difficulty: 4.5 Stars

Divers: 15

Stage 7-Panthalassa

Difficulty: 5 Stars

Divers: 22