Name: Scylla Smasher Cost: 60.000 000 Gold

Type Of Weapon: Medium Diver Rifle

Ammo: Diver Rifle rounds

Range: Short to Long

Stats: 7/3/7

Power:[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
Speed:[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
Ammo:(o) (o) (o) (o) (o) (o) (o) (o) (o) (o)

  • Shots energetic diver rounds wich is loaded with electric, this adds a huge extra damage to its foes

  • The shots are also acting as a flashlight and will lighten up dark areas like "Tartarus Deep"

  • If the trigger is held for a couple of seconds it can load up a more powerful shot, the strenght of it is from 8-10

  • The Scylla Smasher is one of the best guns in the game, the only thing that sink its stats is its firing and reloading speed