Name: Scylla

Description: A large squid colored a deep, shimmering purple.

Henchcreatures: None.

Getting close when: You saved a diver from the deep sea creatures, and being informed that a monster has destroyed the deep sea operation site.

Strategy: Scylla is really a two-stage battle. The first and longest stageis a slightly harder rehash of the Kraken battle, where you have to shoot thetentacle she is raising to hit you. After you've taken away most of herlife, she'll retreat far into the distance and charge directly at you. Youhave plenty of time to shoot her, but due to her oddly shaped squid's head,it's hard to do so until she's almost on top of you, and I still have notbeen able to kill her on the first charge, she always hits me. On the secondcharge, though, you should be able to kill Scylla and move on.
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