Info: A fast and agile hunter of the West Ocean. One thing you share with this marine reptile is that you both get eaten by Midgardsorm.

Chance to get: 9% (Treasure Chest)


kerberos 1.jpg

Info: 3 sharks that guards the earliest part of the Panthalassa Sea.

Chance to get: 10% (Treasure Chest)


medusa 1.jpg
Info: Queen of the North Sea. Swiftly and slowly swims around with her huge army of Jellyfishes.

Chance to get: 5% (Treasure Chest)


naga 1.jpg
Info: A giant eel swimming around in the dark caves of Tartarus Deep.

Chance to get: 14% (Treasure Chest)


scylla 1.jpg
Info: Scylla is a mix between beautifulllnes and a killing machine. Guarding the darkest coasts in Tartarus Deep.

Chance to get: 6% (Treasure Chest)


Info: A Ghost Squid that hovers around in Panthalassa. Extremely deadly and has the ability to be invisible.

Chance to get: A special Trophy...

Vritra & Kayla

vitra and kayla.jpg
Info: Inside Rahabs Temple you find these two killer machines. A mini version of Naga, but twice as deadly.

Chance to get: Get gold medals on all mini games based on Panthalassa

Whte Death

wd 1.jpg
Info: White Death is the biggest shark known to live in the Baroque Sea. He likes to hunt divers, and to cruise around the tiki statues.

Chance to get: 11% (Treasure Chest)