SEA: Texcoco Great-Lake

HIDDEN NAME: On the Ocean Hunter's map this stage is names as "CALO LAKE-SEA", or how i call the "Fresh-Water Sea".

VALID LOCATION: Lake Texcoco (Lago de Texcoco) is in MEXICO, but a century ago it's dried out, and people built Mexico City onto it basin.

SEA DESCRIPTION: Fresh watered, large lake with two invaded towns in the middle of Mexico. This is the most detailed stage of all, but you don't have much time to look around, the enemy is everywhere. It's morning, hot and sunny.
tex book.jpg
The book for Texcoco Great-Lake. Showing a Garpike,a Piranha, the invaded town, a triumphal arch and some other buildings in this lake.

ruins az.jpg
The ancient Aztec city.


Piranhas: Right after starting the stage, there is a smaller mass of piranhas, chewing on a skeleton. Be careful! they are very small targets.
piranha 2.jpg
Garpikes: (Lepisosteus) After reaching the Ancient City, many garpikes will be after you, and they're mostly comes in a mass.

SEA MONSTER: AHUIZOTL - 12.000 gamerscore

GETTING CLOSER: After killed a lot of garpikes, and reach the old temple.

DESCRIPTION: A prehistoric marine reptile, with green back and long neck, looks like the Loch Ness monster "Nessie"


STRATEGY: Ahuizotl, fourth of the Sea Monsters, is the only one in this
entire stage. That's lucky, because while slightly easier than Charybdis,he's still no laughing matter. After he's emerged from the temple, he willattempt to eat you. In doing so, he will raise his head on that long neck ofhis and strike with blinding speed. You'll have to be blindingly fastyourself--fast on the trigger button and fast to aim. You must hit him inthe head, his Sunburst Area, and you must hit him almost every time,otherwise he will hit you. Once half of Ahuizotl's life bar is gone,you'll scramble up on land, where you'll be taking aim at the Sweet Spot.
This part is easy. Ahuizotl will raise his head to strike at you, just likeunderwater. Unfortunately for him, his jaws are his Sweet Spot. Simply pophim one in the snout for a hit. He'll retreat underwater for a few moments,giving you time to hit the nearest treasure chest a few times. Then he'llreturn. Shoot him again and he'll dive again. After you've managed to get afew more treasure chest hits, he'll come back again. One final blast to thejaws and he'll be done for. You've concluded your brief journey to TexcocoGreat Lake.

MYTHOLOGICAL BACKGROUND: Ahuizotl is a legendary aztec belief. It lives in watery caves, depths.