Name: White Death

Description: A larger than average Great White Shark.

Henchcreatures: None.

Getting close when: After you've blasted about a dozen sharks and hear a diver yell "My God!"

Difficulty: Two.

Strategy: The only reason White Death merits a two in difficulty is because of the diver he's chasing. If you stop him from getting his quarry, the diver will give you a health unit after the battle. To make him stop chasing the hapless human, take aim and fire repeatedly around the base of his head,such as where his jaws come together. Somewhere around there is the Sunburst Area. Get a few sunbursts and heĀ“ll turn away from him to you. Now that its mano a sharko, simply keep blasting away at White Death, and he should bite it before long.

Mythological Background

Name: White Death

Taken from: None

The name of White Death is not taken from any mythology. Rather, it is taken from our collective fears of the shark. "White Death" has long been another name for the Great White.