SEA: Baroque Sea.

HIDDEN NAME: At the beginning of the stage a book opens with few features what the stage holds for you. In this book the sea called as BALOCK SEA..

VALID LOCATION: In the real this sea is Pacific Ocean, and Baroque Sea placed at the left side of North America.
Snapshot - 3.png
SEA DESCRIPTION: Salt, blue watered sea, with beautiful coral reefs and many underwater landscapes. A real-like "first" stage. It's daylight, clear sky.

"The book of Baroque Sea, showing a Barracuda, Krakens sunken ship, a tiki statue and some coral reefs"


Shortfin Mako: A normal sized shark(Carcharodon), the very first enemy of Baroque Sea.

Sea Snake: Long, orange skinned, black stripped sea snake that also appears as a non-offensive creature swim through the coral reef.

Barracuda: (Sphyraena) When entering the sunken ship, three of them will welcome you.


White Death : A Great White (Carcharodon Carcharias) that chasing a despaired diver.
GETTING CLOSER: After bashing few sharks away, and hear a diver yells "My God".

DESCRIPTION: Long, at least 6 meters long, and a little bit darker then other shark.

STRATEGY: The only risk to kill him is the diver, but he's away from the shark's head, so just shoot as fast as you can, before he strikes at the diver.

Sea Dragon : Marine reptile.
sea dragon.jpg

GETTING CLOSER: After finding three statue at the bottom of the sea, you got hit by something and you say "Ouch."

DESCRIPTION: Large dark grey colored reptile.

STRATEGY: After meeting, sea dragon will charge right at you. If he take enough hits, he turn to right, and tries to attack you again. Sea Dragon can be avoided if White Death kills the diver, and you take another way to the ship. You can see him swimming away in the distance.

Sea Serpent : Sea anaconda.
sea serpent.jpg
GETTING CLOSER: After reaching the sunken ship's downstairs and you'll notice "There's something behind me!".

DESCRIPTION: A long white skinned, black stripped sea snake.

STRATEGY: I think sea serpent is the easiest Sub Boss in the entire game, almost can be classified to common enemies. Just keep shoot its mouth until he'll get enough.

SEA MONSTER: KRAKEN - 5.000 gamerscore.
kraken 1.jpg


You enter a room in the ship where there is only one shark and two barracudas.

DESCRIPTION: A very large octopus.


STRATEGY: All right, the first of the Sea Monsters and your first realchallenge. Kraken will try to attack you with his tentacles. Whenever heraises a tentacle, blast away at it nonstop. As you fire, follow thetentacle out to the end, so that eventually you should be blasting the end ofit (which is his Sunburst Area) before he retracts it. He then will tryanother tentacle. Repeat the process until you've blasted away about halfhis health.

Once you've done this, Kraken will ensnare you in one of histentacles. Now it's time for the Sweet Spot. The Sweet Spot here is his eye. This is relatively easy to hit, and you'llknow you've done it when his eye gives off a golden flash. If you don'thit the eye within a certain amount of time, you'll suffer a point of damage,but hitting the eye resets the timer. If you hit the eye three times, you'vebeaten the Baroque Sea.

MYTHOLOGICAL BACKGROUND: Kraken -in the Norse myth- were lived at the coasts of Norway and Iceland. Actually Kraken were a giant squid, that attacked ships. He had green eye, and they said, if you look into he's eye, you'll be controlled by the Kraken. The pirates were afraid of the green color because of that.