Here is a list over bosses and sub bosses in TOH2.

Here I will make a explonation about the difficulty meter about the bosses and sub bosses.

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The bar represents the level of the boss

1-2 Red
3-4 Yellow
5-7 Green
8-9 Blue
10- Purple

  • Bosses and sub bosses cant have 1.5, 5.5, 9.5 etc only full scale values is valid.
  • Observate that henchcreatures can assist any boss or subboss regardless difficulty

Red: Very simple bosses, not a real challenge. The only reason why the creature is a boss its because he/she is superior in the sea they are living in.

Yellow: Slightly more difficult than "Red". Some bosses may have a little extra defence or attack attribute (Range, damage etc)

Green: A boss here can be a challenge. They have above average range,attack defence and specials. Add a henchcreature into the mix and you up to some fight.

Blue: Only the largest, most brutal sea monsters will come in this category. Be sure you have quick reflexes though to their difficult patterns and that you have a good aim because the sweet spots and sun burst areas wont last to long.

Purple: Here you will face sea monsters that can be compared with the difficulty of Poseidon. Good luck=) You might need it;)


Sub Bosses