Name: Dagon

Description: A tall humanoid, with skin that looks like blue stone.

Getting close when: You defeat Vritra & Kaliya and enter the temple.

Strategy: Of the three fights you have with the final Sea Monster and author of all the chaos, the first is by far the easiest. Chip away at his life bycontinually shooting him, and when Dagon attempts to swipe you, shoot the palms of his hands. Not only will this keep you safe, but since this is his Sunburst Area, it depletes his health very rapidly.

When most of his health is gone, he will leap to the ceiling for a moment, then jump back down and try to swipe at you. You MUST maintain fire on his hand at all times. He will never stop the swipe, so what you must do is concentrate a steady stream of shots on his hand to keep it from moving close to you. If you're lucky enough and fast enough on the trigger, you'll be able to deplete the last of his health before he can hit you. Dagon has no Sweet Spot.

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