Name: Karkinos

Description: The biggest crab you've ever seen.

Henchcreatures: None.

Getting close when: Immediately after defeating Medusa.

Strategy: Ho boy. Karkinos, the king crab and fifth Sea Monster, is more difficult than anything you've fought to this point. Be sure to have lotsof quarters on hand.

First, he'll try to crush you with one of his claws. In order to keep this from happening, you must keep up a constant stream of shots on the giantpincer, his Sunburst Area. It is quite hard to keep your projectiles trained on the claw, so you may very well take some damage. Eventually, he'll back off, and the pattern will begin again.

After a couple of these cycles, the difficulty will spike to a higher plateau. Now Karkinos pins you against the ocean floor. Within a very tighttime limit, you must shoot three of his legs. Start with the one on the bottom, sweep up to the middle one, and finally hit the one on top. You mustdo this in less than five seconds.

Now, you have to pump a shot into bothof his eyes. Yep, Karkinos has TWO Sweet Spots, and if you can't hit them both within a very short period you'll take damage. After you hit both eyes, you must hit each of them twice more. Once again, it's very difficult to get a good aim, because the eyes are so small. But if you can manage it, you've polished off the North Sea.