Name: Leviathan

Description: A very, very large shark, the size of a whale with thick armor plating.

Henchcreatures: Sharks.

Getting close when: Not long after saving the diver in the ruins.

Strategy: When it comes to Leviathan, second of the Sea Monsters, rule number one is to not take your finger off the trigger. He's got better armor than the Monitor and the Merrimac put together, and you're going to have to pump him absolutely full of shots to do anything resembling damage.

Leviathan will begin by slowly circling you. This is a period where you can blast at him all you want, he won't retaliate for a bit. Eventually, he'll start swimming right at you, but some good shots to the Sunburst Area on his lower jaw will persuade him to back off. If he gets too close, you'll actually blast the inside of his mouth. Soon, he'll resume his pattern of circling, but this time he'll send three sharks to attack you.

Once you've killed them, resume blasting. He'll soon send more sharks. This will repeat for while. Once he sends the sharks that make you change directions to kill them, he'll be gone when you look back up. You'll poke around for a second,and then he'll burst through some of the ruins coming straight for you. Sweet Spot time.

Leviathan's Sweet Spot is located in his throat. When he gets close, blast down his gullet and you should hit it without too much difficulty. Three shots and you get to watch the pretty cutscene as Leviathan dies. Congratulations, you've conquered the Luna Sea.

Mythological Background

Name: Leviathan

Taken from: Judeo-Christian

In the Old Testament, the Leviathan was a "chaos animal" in the form of a crocodile, serpent, whale, or shark. It later would come to be viewed as an "anti-divine" symbol of evil that would be killed on the final Judgement Day. The Leviathan, viewed as huge and unstoppable, also figures into the mythologies of Canaan and Ugarit, two Middle-Eastern city-states
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