Name: Naga

Description: A monstrously long sea snake.

Henchcreatures: None.

Getting close when: After you've blasted a heck of a lot of those odd green and purple things that look like sea snakes. There seem to be no real landmarks and the fight comes as a bit of a surprise.

Strategy: The screen says "Shoot shoot shoot!" and I can't think of a better way to put it. Although this may be a bit hard because of Naga's thinness, just blast him nonstop. His Sunburst Area, I believe, is where one of his 'trailing whiskers' connects to his chin. By blasting him there you can make sure Naga won't hit you, and soon you can easily be on your way.

Mythological Background

Name: Naga

Taken from: Hindu
Nagas are a race of serpent-people, half human, half snake. Worshipped to this day as fertility symbols, they live in palaces in the underground city Bhogavati. Protecting springs, wells, and rivers, Nagas can be both beneficial, bringing rain, or malicious, bringing floods or drought. Ruled by Sesha, others include Ananta, Vasuki, Manasa, and Mucilinda.