SEA: Panthalassa, The sea of evil.

HIDDEN NAME: While approaching the sea, Torel (or Chris) talk about the sea, and mention it as PANTARASA.

VALID LOCATION: Panthalassa (Greek meaning "ALL SEAS") was the only Ocean 60 million years ago. But this sea is located in the Mediterranean, between the coasts of Greece.

SEA DESCRIPTION: Salt watered, dark and deep, bleak sea with several sea monsters, and the Temple ruins of Poseidon. It's dark night, with thunder storm.

The book for Panthalassa. Showing the Temple of Poseidon.
Temple of Poseidon.


Kerberos: Three Great Whites
GETTING CLOSER: When being dropped into Panthalassa.

DESCRIPTION: Three sharks looks like White Death.

STRATEGY: You have to 'juggle' the Kerberos. When one approaches you, shoothim in the snout, their Sunburst Area. Keep shooting at it until it turnsaway. You will then immediately be set upon by another Kerberos. Keeprepeating this pattern. It can be difficult, because they move rather fast.Fortunately, each has a separate health bar, much like (the) Hydra(s), and asyou kill each one, things get easier.

Umi-Bozu : A very large octopus.
umi 2.jpg
GETTING CLOSER: After you killed Kerberos, and descending between the rocks.

DESCRIPTION: A large octopus with big head, and with a great decoy, he also can be invisible.

STRATEGY: This boss plays like a wilier, more cunning version of Scylla. Hewill raise a tentacle to attack you with, and since it's also his SunburstArea, you must shoot it to keep yourself safe. But beware! He likes to fakeyou out, by raising one tentacle and then quickly trying to attack you withanother. So you must keep your guard up and be ready to shift your aim at amoment's notice.

Black Dragon : The "gate guard".
black 1.jpg
GETTING CLOSER: After defeating Umi-Bozu, and approaching the Temple, and you go past a Dragon statue. Torel (or Chris) will notice that "I have a bad feeling".

DESCRIPTION: The black version of Sea Dragon.

STRATEGY: This is essentially target practice. Like his precursor, SeaDragon, Black Dragon has never once managed to hurt me. Simply keep firingat him, particularly the Sunburst Area on his head. I ranked him as moredifficult because he moves a bit faster and thusly could theoretically(theoretically, mind you) hurt you.

Vritra & Kaliya: The two Nagas.
GETTING CLOSER: After entering the Temple.

DESCRIPTION: Two large sea snakes, a smaller version of Naga. Vritra is the Blue one, Kaliya is the Golden-Yellow skinned.

STRATEGY: Get ready for pain.

Vritra & Kaliya WILL take quite a few quarters from your pocket, or evendollars from your wallet. They are extremely difficult, and beating themis as much luck as skill. They're lightning fast and so thin they can behard to hit. They each have a Sunburst Area on their chin, but it is evenharder to shoot. The only element of this fight that works in your favor isthat they have separate lifebars.

THE FINAL SEA MONSTER: RAHAB - 20.000 gamerscore

The final boss of the game has three separate forms.


GETTING CLOSER: After defeating Vritra & Kaliya.

DESCRIPTION: A giant humanoid with blue skin, and with a great palms standing on four hand-foot.

STRATEGY: Of the three fights you have with the final Sea Monster and author
of all the chaos, the first is by far the easiest. Chip away at his life bycontinually shooting him, and when Dagon attempts to swipe you, shoot thepalms of his hands. Not only will this keep you safe, but since this is hisSunburst Area, it depletes his health very rapidly. When most of his healthis gone, he will leap to the ceiling for a moment, then jump back down andtry to swipe at you. You MUST maintain fire on his hand at all times. Hewill NEVER stop the swipe, so what you must do is concentrate a steadystream of shots on his hand to keep it from moving close to you. If you'relucky enough and fast enough on the trigger, you'll be able to deplete thelast of his health before he can hit you. Dagon has no Sweet Spot.


DESCRIPTION: A tall humanoid, with skin that looks like blue stone and very pointy ears.

STRATEGY: This form is quite a bit more difficult. His first attack is tospit spheres of energy at you, which fortunately you can shoot down.However, he creates them rather quickly, so they may overwhelm you. Justkeep shooting Poseidon and wear him down. He has no Sunburst Area.

Once his health is low, he'll grab a rusty trident, and now the fight getsa bit ridiculous. His Sweet Spot is his right elbow, and you must shoot himthere before he can stab you with the trident. Not only do you have a verylimited time to do so, and not only is it a very tiny spot indeed that youmust hit, but it is so close to the bottom of the screen that it can be hardto even aim in that direction. I can almost guarantee that he will hit youonce or twice before you can hit him. Nevertheless, persevere and you willhit him the necessary three times in the elbow.

DESCRIPTION: A tall humanoid whose legs have fused into a giant tail, with 'trailers' along his back and very sharp claws. His eyes turn from blue to red, and he even grows a third one.

STRATEGY: This is it! All that stands between you and making the oceanssafe again is one last battle with Rahab, who caused this whole mess in thefirst place. One last battle...and it's a doozy.
Rahab is incredibly fast, the quickest enemy in the entire game. Hence, itcan be hard to get a good bead on him as he swims about the temple ruins.Also, when he repeats the swiping attack he used in his Dagon form, it ismuch more difficult to shoot his hands (once again his Sunburst Area) fastenough to stop being hurt. He will occasionally try and bite you, movingvery fast. To stop him from connecting, you have to pop him right in theteeth, but he moves so fast this can be very hard to do.
Once his health has dropped, his tongue will lash out and grab you, and hisSweet Spot will reveal itself: his third eye. However, since both you andhe are now moving around wildly, it can be absurdly hard to hit his eyebefore the timer counts down and you take damage. First, you must hit himdirectly on his closed third eye. His eyelid will slide open, and you musthit him on his eye again, before his tongue squeezes you. You must do thisthree times in all. But have faith; sooner or later you'll deliver thenecessary three shots, and drop Rahab once and for all. Now you can sitback, see your total score, watch the end credits and listen as Rahabtells his story.


DAGON: Dagon was a major northwest Semitic god, reportedly of fish and/or fishing. He was worshipped by the early Amorites and by the inhabitants of the cities of Ebla and Ugarit (which was an ancient city near the Mediterranean containing a large variety of ancient writings and pagan shrines). He was also a major member, or perhaps head, of the Pantheon of the Biblical Philistines.

POSEIDON: Poseidon was the god of the sea, storms, and, as "Earth-Shaker," of ear in Greek mythology. The name of the sea-god Nethunsin Etruscan was adopted in Latin for Neptune in Roman mythology: both were sea gods analogous to Poseidon.

RAHAB: Rahab is mentioned in the Talmud and the Old testament, and its etymology is given as 'noise,' tumult' or 'arrogance.
This name originally designated the primordial abyss, the water-dragon of darkness and chaos, and so comparable to Leviathan and Tiamat. Rahab later became a particular demon, inhabitant of the sea, especially associated with the Red Sea, in this case sometimes associated with Leviathan. This name was also applied to Egypt, and the destruction of the Pharaoh after the Exodus of the Israelites from that country, was compared with the slaying of Rahab, perhaps a late corruption of Rahab slaying the Pharaoh. Rahab represents Chaos, and is responsible for shaking the waters, producing huge waves, and for the roaring of the sea. In Psalm 89:9-10 God's triumph over Rahab is made clear: "You rule the raging of the sea and still the surging of its waves. You have crushed Rahab of the deep with a deadly wound."

"You have defeated the seven great monsters of the seven seas."