Name: Poseidon

Description: A tall humanoid, with skin that looks like blue stone and very pointy ears.

Getting close when: You defeat Dagon.

Strategy: This form is quite a bit more difficult. His first attack is to spit spheres of energy at you, which fortunately you can shoot down.However, he creates them rather quickly, so they may overwhelm you. Just keep shooting Poseidon and wear him down. He has no Sunburst Area.
Once his health is low, he'll grab a rusty trident, and now the fight gets a bit ridiculous. His Sweet Spot is his right elbow, and you must shoot himthere before he can stab you with the trident.

Not only do you have a very limited time to do so, and not only is it a very tiny spot indeed that youmust hit, but it is so close to the bottom of the screen that it can be hard to even aim in that direction. I can almost guarantee that he will hit youonce or twice before you can hit him. Nevertheless, persevere and you will hit him the necessary three times in the elbow.

Mythological Background

Name: Poseidon

Taken from: Greek

Poseidon was one of the most powerful of the Greek gods. Lord of the sea, he is a very moody god, capable of great wrath. He oncehounded Odysseus for more than ten years. He rode dolphins and used tridents as his favored weapon.