Tutorial for Supermodel emulator:

- First off, i prefer you to set the emulator's directory in C:\, so it'll be faster to type the location.

-Open "Run" from the Start menu(if you don't see it >right click in the menu>properties>Start menu>Customize>enable Run Command. (Extended information: http://www.blogsdna.com/2040/how-to-enable-run-command-in-windows-7-start-menu.htm)

-type: "cmd" (without the " tho.), now you see a black command line window.

-type: "cd \supermodel" (cd stands for Change Directory), now you're in the supermodel directory.

-type: "supermodel <rom folder>.zip"
example: supermodel oceanhun.zip

If the emulator says OpenGL 2.0 is not present, then update your video card.

basic commands(always leave a space between the rom folder and the command)

"-res=800,600" You resolution will be 800x600
"-fullscreen" Emulation starts in full screen
"-show-fps" FPS ratio will be shown

For more commands open the README file in the emu's folder.

If you are using any kind of fragment files (.glsl) type the following:

"-frag-shader=<name of the file>.glsl"
example: supermodel oceanhun.zip -frag-shader=fragment_simple.glsl

We hope that helped your work with the emulator.