Me StiGGe and Kismikola has for a while sketched on ideas for another game The Ocean Hunter 2.

All of this is fiction but we wanted to share this with you because we are great fans of the game.

In TOH2 many new things will appear.

The Ocean Hunter 2

Platform: Arcade,Wii,PC
Players: 1-2 Players
Contributers: StiGGe

Arcade Mode: The classic mode like in The Ocean Hunter

Story Mode: The story mode witch chance to earn gold, treasures and trophies

Options: Adjust settings like, sound, network and graphic

Boss Mode: Fight the games bosses and practice on them

Training Mode: Different training modes to practice

- Save The Divers
- Sweet spot Training
- Hit The Treasure Chests
- Limited Shots
- Boss Mode

Aquarium: Unlock and buy enemies, Sub Bosses and Bosses and put in your aquarium

Trophies: Collect all the trophies in the game

New Features

  • Free to choose sea in wich order that you want
  • Search for gold and treasures to buy, tokens, weapons and equipment
  • Different modes like: Boss mode, Training Mode and Challenge
  • Collect more than 200 trophies for your hard earned tokens
  • Over 20 different seas with stunning enemies and sea monsters
  • Unlockable sub bosses and bosses to help you in the battle