Name: Vritra And Kaliya

Description: Two large sea snakes, though not as large as Naga. Vritra is electric blue, while Kaliya is thunderbolt gold.

Henchcreatures: None.

Getting close when: After you've blasted about a dozen sharks and hear a diver yell "My God!"

Difficulty: Ten

Strategy: Vritra & Kaliya WILL take quite a few quarters from your pocket, or even dollars from your wallet. They are extremely difficult, and beating them is as much luck as skill. They're lightning fast and so thin they can be hard to hit. They each have a Sunburst Area on their chin, but it is even harder to shoot. The only element of this fight that works in your favor is that they have separate lifebars.

Choose either Vritra or Kaliya, it doesn't matter. DO NOT let up on the triggers, at any time during this fight. Follow your chosen sea snake as best you can, attacking the other one only when it is obvious that an attack
is coming your way.

Once Vritra (or Kaliya) is dead, things get a little easier, but not too much. Obviously, now you must concentrate your fire on Kaliya (or Vritra). When they've both gone down, pat yourself on the back; you've earned it.

Vritra Blå Close Up.jpg