SEA: West Ocean.

HIDDEN NAME: On the in-game map the sea is mentioned as WESTERN SEA.

VALID LOCATION: In the real this is South-Atlantic Ocean, and West Ocean is located at somewhere between Africa and South America.

SEA DESCRIPTION: Salt watered, prehistoric sea -with a mythological background, this sea was one of the hidden seas of Poseidon. In this sea the enemies will be incredibly large. It's daylight, a bit cloudy afternoon.

west book.jpg
"The book for West Ocean. Showing a Dunkleosteus, three parasites and a fossil of a Dunkleosteus"


Mosasaurus: Prehistoric marine reptile, with sharp teeth. Looks like a great crocodile.
Dunkleosteus: Prehistoric dinosaurus, with massive body armor.

dunkleosteus 1.jpg
Pterogotus: Prehistoric marine scorpion. Much smaller then the first two enemies, but even faster.

Parasites: In the interior of the monster, lots of these blood suckers will swarm at you. The exact specie name of these lilttle bastards is unknown.

basil 2.jpg
Basilosaurus: Prehistoric whale.

GETTING CLOSER: After banished some Pterogotus, and approach the great-hole.

DESCRIPTION: Long, dark skinned prehistoric whale, with razor teeth, just like a real Basilosaurus look like.

STRATEGY: This is a very easy battle indeed, especially for this late stage of the game. Much like Naga, you're instructed to "Shoot shoot shoot!". Simply pump Basilosaurus full of rounds. His Sunburst Area is his mouth.He may get in one hit, which is why he's ranked as slightly more difficult than Naga.

SEA MONSTER: MIDGARDSORM - 18.000 gamerscore.

GETTING CLOSER (to Midgardsorm): After defeating Basilosaurus, then he comes out from the hole, and swallows you in for a joy-ride.

GETTING CLOSER (to it's heart): After meeting the lost diver been here for 10 days.

DESCRIPTION: A very, very, very large serpent, also called as World-Serpent. Actually Midgardsorm is a marine earth worm. A very huge worm.

HENCHCREATURES: The parasites.

STRATEGY: Immediately after vanquishing Basilosaurus, you are swallowed by Midgardsorm. After a while, you will find the creature's heart, his SunburstArea and only weak spot. Begin shooting at it non-stop. As you do so,strange one-eyed parasitic creatures will come up to you. Each one will picka compass point (north, north-east, east, etc.) and stay there. You have asecond or two to shoot them before they inflict damage on you. Make theseyour first priority.

As you whittle down Midgardsorm's health, on three occasions his heart willturn into a Sweet Spot. Hit it during these times and he'll lose massiveamounts of health--and on the third time, you'll have slain Midgardsorm andcleared the West Ocean.

MYTHOLOGICAL BACKGROUND: Midgardsorm or the JÖRMUNGANDR, but also called Midgard Serpent. Midgard means the planet where people lived, the Sorm means the serpent, this is where the World-serpent comes from. JÖRMUNGANDR was the son of Loki, and Thor killed with the help of Mjolnir.